Written works by Father Pilon

Father Pilon continues to write while in retirement.  Some of his works are posted under this site by going to the Priest tab then click on Father Pilon. In addition, he writes on a site called https://littlemoretracts.wordpress.com/ and invites all our parishioners to visit the site to keep up with his work.  He also is providing his written work to TheCatholicthing.org which is another source if you would like to follow him. Below is recent work on Joseph. When God chose to come into the world, he did so in a way that reaffirmed the goodness of the divine plan for the family. If there ever was a … Continue reading

Powerful Article Written by Father Pilon

Dear Friends, a Mother Superior of a monastery where I teach the nuns St. Thomas, wrote to tell me that the following article I wrote for my blog was the best thing she had read from me and that she was going to pass it on to someone she knew who could use it at this time. She said it should get as wide a distribution as possible, so being her loyal subject – no one should disobey his superior in grace – I am passing it on in case you know someone who could benefit from a somewhat different … Continue reading

Sinless Mary

My question is this. Since Mary was “protected from sin” by her Immaculate conception, she remained sinless. But it had never occurred to me, before I heard your homily, that Adam and Eve were created without original sin too. OHMYGOSH!! Of course they were! Was Mary just so much a better person, or how did she withstand temptation in her long life? Her will was free too… right? I guess I always figured avoiding sin was easier for Mary than the rest of us, and I easily identified with Adam and Eve because they seemed more human. But I don’t … Continue reading

Pope Benedict and the Scandal Mongers (Conrad Black)

Behind the breathless predictions of the collapse of the Church is the incomprehension of its nature. The Roman Catholic Church has so long been regarded by some as a satanic fraud emporium, and by many others as a shrieking anachronism of quaint, costumed celibates engaged in obscurantist hocus pocus, that many commentators have aggregated the dreadful outrages of the sex-abuse scandals into an existential crisis. For those who think Rome is a levitation and a trumpery anyway, the slightest ripple or turbulence will bring it down. The history of the Roman Catholic Church is replete with grotesqueries of license and … Continue reading

Does Laicizing Clerical Pedophiles Truly Protect Children?

In the midst of all this media flurry over the failure of the Catholic Church’s officials in the past to quickly “defrock” priests who were guilty of the heinous sin of sexual abuse of children, one question never seems to be actually addressed – “how does a decree laicizing such a priest in any way protect children?” The reason the question is never asked surely cannot be that the question is unimportant. One reason it is never asked is that the underlying but never stated assumption has to be, at least for the lawyers and reporters, “yes it does.” But … Continue reading

Toward Passive Euthanasia (Fr. Ted Pacholczyk)

In recent years, some medical practitioners have suggested that death from dehydration may not be such an unpleasant way for patients to die. This conclusion, however remains rather doubtful. Thirst and appetite are very primal drives. Anyone who has ever done a voluntary fast knows well the discomfort that arises from even a single day of fasting. Thus; we ought to consistently maintain a presumption in favor of providing nutrition and hydration to patients in our care, using all reasonable and effective (or “proportionate”) means at our disposal to nourish and hydrate such patients, whether by spoon feeding or by … Continue reading

13th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2012

For God formed man to be imperishable; the image of his own nature he made him. – Wisdom 1:14 When St. Francis of Assisi was told by his physician that he had but a few weeks at most to live, he is reported to have cried out almost in joy, “Welcome Sister Death!” The great saint had by then been suffering terribly for some time, not only from a general failure of his health, but also from the holy stigmata which he had received many years before, and which was causing him increasingly great physical pain. Death then, was surely … Continue reading

12th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2012

When I was attending parochial school, many, many years ago, we used to pray regularly for the conversion of Russia and China where Christians were being persecuted and martyred for their faith. Those prayers made us much more aware of the terrible situation of our brothers and sisters in Christ in those far off lands, and prayer helped us to experience the solidarity of the Church in her suffering. Had we not been made to pray for the suffering faithful of those unfortunate nations, we would not have been aware of the reality of religious persecution in our day, because … Continue reading

11th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2012

I repeat we are full of confidence, and would much rather be away from the body, and at home with the Lord. This being so, we make it our aim to please him whether we are with him or away from him. In the First letter of St. Peter, the great Apostle gives this command to all generations of Christians: “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope…” But what is this hope of Christians? St. Paul summarized this hope in these beautiful lines from Second Corinthians that we just … Continue reading

Corpus Christi 2012

Do this in memory of me. A good friend lost her husband rather suddenly some years ago to a deadly and rapid form of cancer. I have noticed over all these years how she continues very diligently to preserve his memory. As one might expect, in various places she has photos of their wedding and other special events in their life, the birth of their only child, their vacations, whatever reminds her of the happiness and the gift that their love had been for her over the years. But I also noticed one day that She continued to wear her … Continue reading