FORMED Advent Recommendations

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December 6th- The Real Story

Everybody knows the story of Santa Claus, the red–suited figure who lives at the North Pole and distributes gifts to good children every Christmas eve. But is there any historical evidence on which this jolly old character is based? Was there a real Santa Claus? To answer that question, host Mark Wilson, a distinguished historian and archeologist travels not to the North Pole but to modern day Turkey and Italy. There he uncovers clues that lead to the truth about the man behind the legend.

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Volunteers Needed!

Please consider supporting our parish teens who want to start their Friday’s off with Mass, breakfast, and Christian fellowship before they head off to classes. By helping in this ministry, you are a vital part in strengthening these youth on their walk with Christ. Knowing that you made this effort for them, the teens will be emboldened and strengthened in their faith even while the surrounding culture tells them to just follow the crowd. Click here to sign up.