5 Oct 2012

WSRP is selling the Lamb of God Christmas ornament as a fundraiser. Please check out the Charleston Mint website for more information about the ornament. Contact Grace Topping if you’re interested in purchasing an ornament.

4 Oct 2012

Added more links to resources for voter registration and information. Virginia Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Applications Voter Information

22 Sep 2012

Added a calendar to the website and filled in Mass times, confession, exposition of the blessed sacrament, and three upcoming events (Fr. Tad, election, and craft show).  Please let me know if there are others to add.

12 Sep 2012

St. Raymonds is developing a new website. The old website will remain online, updated, and available until the new site is complete. Please visit www.straymonds.org/index_old.html to access the previous website. In the meantime, please look around the new site and let me know what you think. Constructive feedback is welcomed and encouraged, especially identifying any broken or missing links. Email me at webmaster@straymonds.org.

5 Sep 2012

Added information about Fr. Tad’s next pro-life speech at Straymonds to the event section as well as the flyer. Also added the September and October altar server schedules.