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Christ House Dinner Was A Huge Success!

Thank you for your generosity!  
Your good deeds went beyond helping us host dinner at Christ House in Alexandria last evening.
Mother Theresa’s sisters in southeast D.C., who serve 60-80 homeless men on Saturday mornings, were also beneficiaries of our “Hamburger Night” efforts!
A team of seven volunteers last evening, anchored by our Head Chef—Joe Adelman—
orchestrated a fabulous dinner for 57 guests at the Christ House Dining Room in Alexandria.
As Christ House currently has 16 guests in transitional housing, we also prepared 8 plates for these men to enjoy at 7 pm, after their workday.
Dinner teams always plan for 60 guests AND seconds for everyone, so we served up many second helpings:
* around 35 hamburgers  * about 15 corn-on-cob (halves) * 15 servings of potatoes  * many servings of coleslaw * several bowls of cubed watermelon * a few extra cookies * bananas and apples 
Christ House Dinner guests were so thankful and said that the meal was absolutely delicious”!
We served, prayed, sang a little (one of the guests is a former choir member at Blessed Sacrament in Alexandria), and chatted a little, and all had a great time.
After serving 65 guests at Christ House and offering seconds, we had food remaining: 
around 36 to 40 servings of each food dish n desert.
So a trio of us volunteers delivered this food to the 
Missionaries of Charity Queen of Peace Mission
on Wheeler Rd. in Southeast 
Mother Superior, Sr. Mishie, and the other sisters were sooo happy and thankful!
The Missionaries invite us to celebrate Mother Theresa’s upcoming Mass in honor of “Mother’s” canonizationat their Missionon Saturday, September 4th 
Mass at the Shrine of the Basilica of The Immaculate Conception with Cardinal Wuerl on Saturday, September 11th!
To all who prepped all the wonderful food at St. Raymond’s kitchen—THANK YOU!
To the impromptu team of four awesome ladies who came together to wash, chop, and prep 20 lbs of potatoes—THANK YOU!!!
To the gentlemen who came to assist with everything, from washing, to cutting, to chopping, to slicing, and lifting heavy items, cooking, and helping load/unload the cars—THANK YOU!!!
To all who baked/delivered the beautiful cookies—THANK YOU!  Folks LOVED ‘em!
To all who grilled/bought 1/4 pounders—THE READY-to-GRILL patties were a SMASH hit!!!  THANK YOU!!!
To all who made/bought The BEST Coleslaw, including the “heirloom” recipes!  Everyone enjoyed it!  THANK YOU!
To all who made/brought potatoes for us to serve as oven-fried potatoes!  Savory!!!  Big HIT!  THANK YOU!
To all who delivered lettuce, pickles, tomatoesonions, cheese, condiments, and hamburger buns—THANK YOU!
St. Raymond’s Christ House Committee

Saint Raymond’s Christ House Committee To Host “Hamburger Night” For Homeless Friday, July 29th

Our April dinner was a HUGE success thanks to so many of you and your generosity.  Please mark your calendar- our next two dinners for Christ House are July 29th and September 30th.  For our next event, Friday July 29th the “Hamburger Night” recipes AND/OR to volunteer to serve dinner go to our parish Facebook and/or website OR sign up in the Narthex.  Thank you for your help in putting on a Picnic Style dinner in July!

Requiescat in Pace, Daniel H. De Celles Sr.

Dear Parishioners:

With sadness, but also with faith in our Lord’s atoning death and glorious resurrection, I write to inform you of the death of my father, Daniel Howard De Celles, Sr..

Please pray for his soul. And please pray for my family, and for me.

In Christ,

Fr. John De Celles

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei.

Requiescat in pace. Amen




Wednesday, May 25, 2016,

6:00-8:00 p.m.,

Murphy’s Funeral Home,

1102 West Broad Street, Falls Church, VA



Thursday, May 26, 2016,

11:00 a.m.,

St. Raymond of Peñafort Catholic Church,

8750 Pohick Road, Springfield, VA


In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to:

Saint Dominic’s Monastery

2636 Monastery Road

Linden, VA 22642

Latest Update on Christ House Needs as of 1 PM on Wednesday, 28 April

We have met all our food goals!  Please see message from Christ House Group Lead, Maria Sanchez-O’Brien:

Thank you to all the volunteers who stepped up to cook AND bake for this Friday’s
Christ House Dinner Project which St. Raymond’s is hosting. We have plenty of food
for seconds AND if there are any leftovers, we will leave some plates for the men
who live in residence at Christ House AND take ANY OTHER LEFTOVERS to the
Missionaries of Charity in Washington D.C. for their Soup Kitchen at the Queen of
Peace Mission.  The sisters at this mission feed between 80 and 100 homeless men.

Easter Peace,

Thank you to all the volunteers.  :)