Home School Religious Education

Mission Statement

To teach the truths of the Faith, as taught by Jesus Christ and reiterated through the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, in such a manner as to instill in those learning a knowledge of Christ, so that they may better grow in their love of God and gain eternal life.

Home Schooling – First Grade Through High School

One of the prime duties of any Catholic parish is to educate its members in the Faith. We believe that learning each day can deepen the faith. Whether a person is young or old, continuing and enhancing your education through daily readings can only help you to grow closer in your relationship with God.

Many parents, as the primary educators of their children, have chosen to teach their children at home, in both the Faith and academics. The Religious Education office is available for many resources but can only help if it is aware of the students, and so we ask that families who have accepted the option of homeschooling, to please register with the religious education office each year.

As part of the many duties of a parish and its pastor, registering students will ease the burden of including students for reception of the sacraments, help us to understand where and what resources may be needed within our parish community, and be able to encourage and enhance the learning aspect of our parish.

Please fill out a religious education registration form (writing “homeschool” in the class choice space) and turn it into the religious education office. Registration for academic years (September to June) begins the preceding May.

Thank you.

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