October 27, 2013

Persecution of Christians. Whether by the laws of governments, or the bullying voices of the media, or the bloody attacks by both governments and other religions, the persecution of Christianity is growing throughout the world. Most frightening is the dramatic increase in violent persecution. Three weeks ago Taliban suicide bombers killed 85 worshippers at All Saints’ church in Pakistan. Two months ago Islamists attacked 63 churches in Egypt. Last month Syrian Christians begged President Obama not to bomb President Assad, because he is their only protection from the Islamist rebels. I could go on and on. Yet the media and … Continue reading

October 13, 2013

Religious Persecution. Over the last few years I have often written and preached about the rise of religious persecution, at home and abroad. And I hope you have noticed the weekly short news article in this bulletin under the caption ìChurch Persecuted.î But somehow none of this seems to be enough. As Pope Francis said recently: ìSo many Christians in the world are sufferingÖ.Am I indifferent to that, or does it affect me like itís a member of the family?… Does it touch my heart, or doesnít it really affect me, so many brothers and sisters in the family are … Continue reading