Parish Group or Individual Sponsors for Fortnight for Religious Freedom Holy Hours

June 5, 2015 News

2015 Fortnight

This year we are again having a Holy Hour each night of the Fortnight for Religious Freedom.

It begins on June 21st and ends with Mass on July 4th. Each of the weekdays (Monday through Friday) have holy hours attached to them. The weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are a rosary and prayers after the 5:00 p.m. Mass.

Can your group sponsor one of the weekday events? All you have to do is to have them show up and be in solidarity with our parish-wide community during this time of prayer and reflection on the religious freedom that we hold dear to our hearts and the threats that are being leveled against such freedom. Key dates could be June 29th and 30th since those will most likely be the dates when the Supreme Court will issue its ruling on marriage.

If you can commit your group or you are an individual wanting to participate, please email me ( or call me at (703) 732-0681.