Please Volunteer For Our Christ House Dinner Project April 29th!

April 18, 2016 News

Update as of 4/22/16 at 7 pm on our Christ House Dinner Project:

NEED Store Bought/Home Cooked:

a) Roasted/Grilled/BBQ chicken–23 more chickens, Serving Size Each: 4-6 (larger is better!)

b) BBQ Sauce–12 jars of sauce, Serving Size Each: can vary

c) Potato Salad–12, Serving Size Each: 6-8, (more is better!)

d) Baked Beans–16 cans, 15 oz. Size
OR Cannelini Or Great Northern Beans

e) Corn Bread–11 recipes, to serve 16 1.5-inch pieces from each Corn Bread


f) COSTCO’s Organic Corn Bread Box (we can bake it at Christ House)

g) COSTCO’s Taylor Farms Kale Salad IN A BAG w/brussel sprouts, cranberries, etc. And Poppyseed Dressing–4

Update as of 4/15/16:

1) We have our line-up of servers for Friday, April 29th!  Thank you, folks!

2) St. Raymond’s Youth Apostolate is baking the Cookie Brownies!!!  Thank you!

3) Folks are signing up to bake and cook but there are still many slots open!!!

4) New Items to Bring:  If you are Called:

a) 3 Flower bunches to make two (2) short vase floral arrangements for six (6) tables!
b) Clementines for 140 (so at least 12 bags)
c) Apples for 85 (depends on no. of apples per bag)

Note:  Whoever volunteers to purchase an item(s) from b and/or c above, will you
SEND me your name and contribution amount AND text me the no. of pieces of fruit and
price per bag (w/photo) to: 571-259-7379 so we can share info. with other folks!
Thx.  🙂