“Handyman” Volunteers Needed
June 20-23rd
to help with WorkCamp

We are in dire need of at least 3 “contractors” (folks with basic construction and/or remodeling skills) who can commit to help with WorkCamp, June 20-23. Over the past several years, the same 7+ talented gentlemen have graciously given of their time and have eagerly looked forward to sharing their time and talent in this way. This year, unexpectedly, due to a variety of circumstances (moving, unable to get off work, and illness) they are unable to help this year. This means, WE NEED YOU! Come be a part of this incredible experience!

Here’s a little more information about the role of a WorkCamp Contractor: 

” Contractors: These are adults, at least two years out of High School, who are proficient in the needed home repair skills and can work well with young people.”

“WorkCamp Contractors are adult volunteers that are responsible for leading the work on the project rather than looking after the teens (that is the role of the Adult Crew Leader). These volunteers are not always “contractors” in the professional sense. While it is helpful to have volunteers seasoned in construction and remodeling, we understand that it can be hard to find volunteers that would consider themselves “contractors.” Some background in basic construction or remodeling skills is very useful for a WorkCamp Contractor, but not required. A person who is handy with tools and has experience doing hands‐on home repair and maintenance is typically qualified. While WorkCamp Contractors are not directly responsible for the teens, they do spend a great deal of time with the teens, so their ability to teach and be patient is necessary. The WorkCamp projects planning team does several things to help volunteers take on this role. For example, we provide detailed instructions on how to complete every project we select for WorkCamp. We also work hard to pair our Contractors with projects they feel comfortable doing based on their skill set. Finally, the WorkCamp staff is on hand all week to answer questions and help Contractors overcome any difficulties they may encounter with their projects.”
And here is an email they sent to the contractors on February 24th (but don’t ask me who had all their contractors set in place that early!!):

“Dear WorkCamp Contractors,

We are gearing up for 40 parishes to attend WorkCamp 2022 on June 18-24 in Frederick County, Virginia. For those that do not know me, my name is Jamie Chichester. As the Assistant WorkCamp Coordinator, it is my responsibility to plan and organize WorkCamp projects and to assist you as a Contractor in successfully completing that project for the resident. If you have any questions leading up to WorkCamp, please don’t hesitate to contact me or to reach out to your Parish Stakeholder.

The Contractor Meeting is scheduled to be in-person on May 31st at Nativity Catholic Church from 7:00-9:00pm. It will be nice to see everyone in person after two years of modified WorkCamp! During this meeting, you will receive a physical copy of your project assignment and instruction packet, which will also be sent electronically for your convenience. We highly encourage all Contractors to attend this meeting. Those who cannot attend should meet in-person with their parish stakeholder.

We are excited to announce our homebase location at 901 Aylor Road, Stephens City, Virginia 22655 . This is the address of the former Aylor Middle School building. Less than a mile down the road is Bass-Hoover Elementary School, which will be our secondary homebase location. Contractors are welcome to stay at the homebase facilities, but many prefer to stay in the comfort of a nearby hotel. We have contracted a block rate with the hotels listed on the attached document. This document is posted on our online resources page and will be updated as necessary. You are welcome to stay at a different hotel, Airbnb, or at one of the nearby campgrounds, which can be found on pg. 2 of the hotel list.

Just a reminder, that all WorkCamp Contractors must be Compliant with the Office of Child Protection (OPCYP). If you have been a Contractor or Adult Volunteer in the past, you will be required to complete additional documentation this year because of the revised Code of Conduct that went into effect on February 1st. While Contractors are not required to attend VIRTUS training, you must meet the threshold of compliance for the WorkCamp Contractor Role by completing a Background Check, Acknowledging the Code of Conduct, and Acknowledging the Policy for the Protection of Young People. This is all done online. For more information, view pg. 4 of this resource. Please work with your Parish Stakeholder to complete this requirement. If you do not belong to a parish, reach out to me directly for assistance.

Thank you for taking on this role and for serving our young people at WorkCamp. I look forward to meeting our new volunteer Contractors and reconnecting with those of you who are returning when we see each other at the Contractor meeting. Reach out for anything you need in the meantime”

Let me know if you are still interested after reading all that 🙂 Typically the contractors are invited to come on Sunday (June 19) to meet your crew and participate in the team-building day with them, but that is not required. There is typically a contractor meeting Sunday evening, but the most important thing is that you are there, at your worksite, Monday-Thursday to lead the kids in the project. Of course you are also welcome to participate in the rest of the WorkCamp activities as well…but we can discuss all that later if you determine this is something you are interested in and able to help with.

If you know of ANYONE else who might be interested/talented in this way and able to help us, please spread the word and my contact information so they can get in touch with me ASAP.

I am happy to answer any questions and/or put you in touch with some of our “regular” contractors so they can share their experience.

God bless you!

Jeanne Sause
Director of St. Raymond of Peñafort Youth Apostolate
WorkCamp Stakeholder