40 Days For Life- Join Us 22-23 October!

October 13, 2016 News

40dayslogoforwebWe are again witnessing at the Falls Church Healthcare Center at 900 S Washington Street.  
Our parish days of commitment are Saturday 22 October and Sunday 23 October from 7 am – 9 pm.
                        To those who have already signed up or been out to witness during this vigil season 
                                                  I offer my humble and profound thanks!
                                         To those who truly can not participate on the sidewalk, 
                                I thank you for participating in prayer from wherever you are.  
                                  Clearly this is a spiritual battle in which we all must engage.
You may have noticed that the sign up sheets are in the narthex.  Many hours have been filled, but there are indeed many more available for prayer warriors.  This year I have noted by color which hours the clinic is open, and which it is closed.  ALL hours are important.  As the local story (run on the National Site) below highlights, one really never knows the full impact of the peaceful, prayerful presence at any hour.  Several of our own parishioners were present for this grace filled event highlighted below.   
Feel free to sign up when others are there – there is strength in numbers.  Or feel free to bring others with you.  So many more folks might really want to participate but may be hesitant for any number of reasons.  Yet with a personal invitation  from YOU more may come!! What a gift that first invitation could really be.