Please consider where your children will attend school next year. We encourage you to research local Catholic schools which provide a quality education in a truly Catholic culture for your children. Although St. Raymonds doesn’t have a parish school, it has a long-term special relationship with Angelus Academy, an independent Catholic school, where our Pastor is Chaplain.  St Raymond parish offers scholarships to our parish children to attend Angelus Academy or other local Catholic grade and high schools. These scholarships are conditioned on the active involvement of the families in the life of the parish and are usually $1000 for grade school students (or the difference between “in parish” and “out of parish” tuition rates) and $2000 to high school students. However, where the situation warrants, we will gladly give additional tuition aid—just ask.  We also offer financial assistance to families who choose to homeschool their children.

If you want your kids in Catholic schools, he will do his best to help make
that happen. Please contact the Parish Office (703-440-0535) if you want to discuss this.