Virtuous Education or Sinful Indoctrination

What are the Fairfax County Public Schools Teaching Our Children?

What Can We Do About It?


Subject: Calling all Fairfax Catholics: Sun 2/26 4p.m.

Dear Catholic Friends,

Do you live in or near Fairfax County? 

Do you want to see the truths of our Catholic faith inform the issues of our day?

If so, please join forces with Katie Gorka and Cathy Ruse, and let’s see what we can do for Fairfax!

Join us for a Catholics Engaged for Fairfax Zoom meeting this Sunday, February 26, 4-5p.m.

To register, fill out this form, submit it, and we will send you the link: 

Voter registration is key

Catholics are the largest religious group in the County — 18%! (Methodists are next at 5.1%, Muslims at 4.8%)

There are Catholics in Fairfax who are not registered to vote — we need to get them registered.

There are registered Catholics who don’t vote — we need to change that. 

On Sunday we will discuss efforts to get Catholics registered to vote. Bishop Burbidge allows non-partisan voter registration drives!

Special Guest Speaker on FCPS Sex Ed   

On Sunday you will hear from an expert researcher on the soul-and-body-killing Sex Ed in our public schools (we pay for all of it) and how to help parents protect their sweet kids.

We hope to see you on Sunday! 

Katie Gorka and Cathy Ruse 
Catholics Engaged for Fairfax

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Hot Topics

FCPS can socially transition your child to the opposite sex without your consent

Summaries of VDOE and FCPS Transgender Policies Stripping Parents of Rights

FCPS can hide your child’s transgender status from you.

Fairfax County Public Schools Curriculum Concerns

The below documents detail FCPS’s intentions to accept a child’s self diagnosis of transgenderism and facilitates that child’s social transition at school (changing name & pronouns as well as using the opposite sex’s bathroom if desired) with or without parental consent. They also detail how schools can hide a child’s transgender status from parents and even call child protective services (CPS) on parents that do not affirm the child’s transgender claims. This lack of parental affirmation is considered harassment and possible indicates an unsafe home for the child. Basically, the school knows what’s best for children, not parents.

FCPS Policies, Guidelines and Documents

FCPS Policies

Policy 2603 Gender-Expansive and Transgender Students

2022-23 Student Rights and Responsibilities

2021-22 Student R&R: A Guide for Families

FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities

LGBTQIA+ Student Resources and Support

VDOE and National Policies, Guidelines and Documents Influencing FCPSVDOE Documentation

Schools In Transition

VDOE Comprehensive Services Act

Public Schools Near FCPS Implementing the Same VDOE Transgender Model

  • Virginia School District Passes Broad Trans Student Policy
  • Other Resources

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