2023-24 Updated Information about FCPS Agenda

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1. Rationale for Early Voting This Election Bulletin Insert – September 23-24, 2023

2. Voting Your Values Handout.

What are the Fairfax County Public Schools Teaching our Children?

  1. Fairfax County Public Schools Policy 2603.2 Gender – Expansive and Transgender
    Parents are not able to opt their children out of these programs because
    they are integrated into all aspects of student life.

    a. “…. Does not require parental permission for students to be called a chosen
    name/pronoun.” [FCPS:10.1, FCPS:24.1]
    b. “Medical treatments or procedures are not considered a prerequisite for
    identifying students as transgender.” [FCPS:6.9]
    c. (Pages 4-5) Facilities (bathrooms, sleeping arrangements, locker rooms) and
    activities are accessed based on gender identity.
    d. Here is the link to Policy 2603 on Gender
  2. Does Fairfax County Public Schools Use Governor Youngkin’s Model Policies on
    Transgender Issues? – No

    a. Here is the Superintendent’s Letter basically reaffirming 1. Above.
    b. Here is Governor Younkin’s Model Policies on Transgender Issues.
  3. Student Rights and Responsibilities
    a. According to the policy, students have the right to:
    i. “be called by chosen names and pronouns,”
    ii. “non-disclosure of gender identity and/or sexual orientation,” and
    iii. “access restroom and locker room facilities and other non-
    stigmatizing accommodations that are consistent with the student’s
    gender identity, faith, and for any other reasons as identified in Regulation
    2603.2.” b. We present this to show that across the board, this policy has been integrated into all aspects of student life.
  1. Family Life Education
    a. Parentchild.org has done an excellent job of framing the current FCPS Family
    Life Education (FLE) program. It should be noted that this is in the curriculum as
    a stand-alone entity, one which parents may opt their children out of. Here is the
    link to the form to opt your child out.

    b. Below you will an snapshot analysis of the FLE program along with the the
    details. By clicking on each, you may see the full document.
    i. The stop-light chart is here.
    ii. The Analysis is here.
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