Irreversible Damage

  • (March 2021) Irreversible Damage Irreversible Damage? | Abigail Shrier – Jordan B. Peterson Podcast S4 E11 – YouTube  Abigail Shrier and Jordan Peterson. The book and this video discuss the transgender epidemic in teenage girls.
    • 15:00-17:30, 32:45-33:30 Discussion on how gender dysphoria, traditionally a 1 in 10,000 condition in young boys is now a condition in teenage girls at a much higher rate (1 in 50).
    • 17:45-20:00 Some insight to why young girls are vulnerable
    • 24:00-26:00 Literature is biased towards supporting transgender transition
    • 27:30-28:15 Healthy anatomy viewed as abnormal if accept premise
    • 34:45-35:30 Rates of suicide are increasing
    • 40:00-43:40 Gender ideology taught in schools seeds confusion
    • 1:09-1:11 Increased risk of cancer on testosterone; prophylactic historectomies
    • 1:17-1:19 English courts decided girls under 16 cannot give informed consent