Church Persecuted – September 24

There are almost daily news reports that Christians are under attack both abroad and at home in America. In many cases, “Lady Justice” is anything but “blind;” rather, she is often under the influence of government (and sometimes church) leaders whose policies blatantly undermine the teachings of the Catholic Church.

What do we do about it? We pray and fast to the best of our ability…and then what? Some of us might be able to convince others to promote true religious freedom and push back against those who persecute. But for others, at the very least, if we are voting-age Americans, WE CAN AND MUST VOTE! This means taking the time to become a registered voter, educating ourselves on each candidate’s ability to protect and defend human life and religious freedom (among other things), and then voting, no matter how “insignificant” an election may seem to be.

It is time to start right now! This November, a new Fairfax County School Board will be elected. It is a well-known fact that the current Board promotes immoral behaviors with regard to the handling of students who claim to be LGBTQ+ and/or transgender, allowing students to decide whether or not parents should be notified and involved regarding their child’s attraction/desire to be categorized as such.

In addition, we need to become familiar with the candidates running for the General Assembly. They will be at a Candidate Forum at the parish on October 4 at 7:00 p.m.

Check our parish website ( a one-stop information center for information about the Fairfax school issues. Seek out the information at the Voter Information table in the rear of the Church to make sure that your voting location has not changed. Your Catholic values are at stake in this election. Vote your values.

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