Church Persecuted October 9, 2022

Required reading for students at most government schools is generally void of anything specifically Catholic. The cancel culture in which we live is cancelling anything which promotes the truth, goodness, and beauty of the world, while promoting gender ideology and critical race theory. Catholic literature selections should focus on promoting the truth, beauty, and goodness of the human person and world that God created around us. They should bring the light of Christ into the world and not merely focus on the latest cultural fad.

“One powerful reason that Catholic educators [and parents] should select enduring works of literature is because literature has the potential to break students free from the culture and circumstances that may bind and/or blind them.”

While today’s school libraries are the repository of books of all flavors, Catholic parents have a resource to turn to which serves as an age-appropriate reading guide for both parents and educators. The Cardinal Newman Society’s “Selected Reading List for Catholic K-12 Schools” is based on the authors’ “experience as educators and Catholic school administrators, and by consulting sources including schools recognized by the Cardinal Newman Society’s Catholic Education Honor Roll for their commitment to strong Catholic identity.” While the list is not exhaustive, it provides a sound resource for parents and teachers alike who wish to properly form their children in the Catholic worldview. The Selected Reading List for Catholic K-12 Schools” can be found at

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