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Parents need to be aware of new policy entitled

Gender-Expansive and Transgender Students Code 2603

Key takeaways:

Teachers must affirm and sustain gender identity of their students

Students can change their identity without parental permission

Students don’t need parental permission for whatever they want to be

If the student tells the teacher and/or the principal he doesn’t want the parent to know, the teacher cannot discuss it with the parents.

Teachers are to call the students by whatever name they want to be (and the kids can change their name/identity as many times as they want). BUT when they deal with the parents, they are to use the name which their parents use .

Teachers are to let students know that if their parents do not support their gender decision, that they (the teacher) and the school staff will support them.

Students call the shots, the teachers are lying to the children by affirming they can choose to be what they want to be, the teachers are keeping vital info from the parents, they are telling the students it is okay to keep info from their parents, thus pitting the student against their parents.

The below slides and videos come from the teacher orientation program: