Volunteers Needed: Christ House Dinner Hosting

December 27, 2016 News

12/28/16 Update:


Merry Christmas!

Food, Rosary, and Christmas Cards Needs met.  Praise God!

1) Need more Toiletry Kits for Women
$5.97 at Walmart (check online as various stores have different numbers in stock)

2) Need shaver packs of 6 for women, $2.87/pk at Walmart, for total of 5 or 10 packs.

3) Need same no. Shavers for Men

3) Need Feminine liners (preferably packages of 20 but we can break down any size)…….we have none.  Goal:  20/women kits (working on 30 kits)

Email St Ray’s Christ House Committee at pmobrisan@gmail.com with any items you want to contribute as we tally and prepare Kits on Thursday.

Jesus is born!


 Calling ALL Friends of St. Raymond’s Christ House Committee

and fellow parishioners and friends of parishioners!

Do you want to help our parish prepare a special dinner for guests

who visit Christ House and serve Jesus in those who are hungry AND/OR help us Gift Christmas Gifts to each?

SAVE THE DATE  for our parish’s next dinner at Christ House:

“Christmas Dinner” on Friday, December 30, 2016


Menu ITEMS still Needed in Red ~

  • Shepherd’s Pie (NEED MET ~ Thank you!)

  • Christmas Garden Salad (NEED MET ~ Thank you to THE Salad Makers)

  • Dinner Rolls (NEED Met)
  • Christmas Garden Salad-(NEED MET- thank you!)
  • Apple Pie (NEED MET~ Thank you, friends!)
  • Bananas and Clementines (NEED MET~ Thank you!)
  • Homemade Christmas Cookies (NEED MET for 12 dozen ~ Thank you, friends!)
  • Herbal/Green Tea (NEED MET ~Thank you, friends!)
  • Hot Cocoa (NEED MET ~Thank you!)
  • Apple Cider (NEED MET~ Thank you!)
  • Shepherd’s Pie (NEED MET ~ Thank you!)
    Christmas Garden Salad (NEED MET ~ Thank you to THE Salad Makers)
  • Christmas Flowers (NEED Met)

ALL ITEMS may be dropped off outside of St. Raymond’s Parish Kitchen Window this Thursday OR Friday (tip 12 noon)


~ ~ ~

We still Need Christmas Gifts for Christ House Guests

(Rosary Needs are met — Thank you, friends!)

Toiletry Kits & Cards Drop off NEAR Gift Shop OR BY Parish Library)

  • 1) Toiletry Kits (Make your own ~ see list below ~ OR Pick up a Kit at a local store)
  • 2)  Christmas Cards (one card per Toiletries Kit) *

* Please SIGN Christmas Cards as follows:

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

on behalf of St. Raymond of Peñafort Parish


Merry Christmas!


To God be all the GLORY!


“Do whatever He tells you.”  Jn 2:5


To make the Toiletry Kits, please place combo of items below in Food Storage Bags OR Purchase Toiletry Kit at local store!


Toiletries Kits for Men Toiletries Kits for Women

Travel Size Only Travel Size Only

* Toothpaste * Toothpaste

* Deodorant * Deodorant

* Shampoo * Shampoo

* Conditioner * Conditioner

* Body Lotion * Body Lotion

* Soap Bars * Soap Bars

* Shave Cream * Shave Cream

* Nail Clippers * Nail Clippers

* Hair Comb(s) * Emery Boards

* Hair Brush * Hair Brush

* Feminine Products (Daily Liners & Pads)

Disposable Items Disposable Items

* Toothbrushes * Toothbrushes

* Razors * Razors