• We will use every other pew in the transepts, nave and choir loft.
  • The usable pews will have a maximum capacity of approximately 200 people.
  • Because of social distancing the pew will not be filled to their normal particular capacity! 
  • Each pew will have markings dividing the pew into “seats”. Four “seats” equals six feet. Please leave FOUR marked sections (six feet) between your party and the next party.


  • You are expected to bring a mask from home and wear it at all times except when receiving Holy Communion.
  • Sanitize your hands before going to your pew. Bring your own sanitizer, or use the sanitizer provided at the entrance from the Narthex.
  • Enter the Nave (center interior of the Church) through the center doors
  • Fill the pews from FRONT–including the TRANSEPTS—to BACK
  • Go directly to your pew–do not linger in the narthex or aisles.
  • Please do not reserve or save seats for missing family members or friends.
  • Do not worry about sitting where you “usually sit”—follow instructions.
  • If the pews are full (based on limited capacity) you may have to stand in places designated for standing.
  • Remember to leave FOUR spaces between your party and anyone else in the pew.


  • Use your FOOT to raise and lower the kneeler. 
  • We have removed all Missalettes and Hymnals.
  • You can print off this Liturgy Aid to use for the Mass (Bring it with you to Mass, and take it with you when you leave).
  • There will be no music. 
  • There will be NO sign of peace.
  • There will be NO holding hands during Our Father.


  • When in line, keep 6 feet between you (your family) and others.


  • You will line up in same aisle as we usually do.
  • Keep social distancing at all times.
  • Please sanitize your hands before you reach the altar rail.
  • Come to the sanctuary and stand (please do not kneel) at the stations indicated.
  • Although it is entirely your decision, the Bishop asks that you please consider receiving Communion in the hand, rather on the tongue. You might consider it an act of charity toward those who might be very concerned about the transmission of germs at the hands of the priests.
  • You will return to your seat down the same aisle as we usually do.
  • The pews in the Nave/Center will receive first.
  • After the pews in the Nave/Center have received the pews in the Transept/Sides will line up.
  • As above, come to the sanctuary and stand at the stations indicated.


  • You will exit by pew, one pew at a time at the direction of the priest.
  • Stay in your seat until it is your pew’s turn to exit.
  • When it is your turn to exit, do so orderly and quickly, proceeding directly to your vehicle.