Fairfax Abortion Clinic Update

June 20, 2013 News

NOVA Women’s Healthcare on 10400 Eaton Place (the largest abortion mill in the Commonwealth of VA) is CLOSED. Building workers said they saw moving vans Tuesday this week, others came forward to tell Pro-lifers they were closed for business. We have no word they are opening up elsewhere and pray they are closed for good. If you call their office, they are directing women to Falls Church Healthcare and Alexandria Women’s Health – both abortion mills. (Yet as of last night their website makes no note of this …)

You may remember that NOVA WHC entered into a lease agreement with an office building on Main Street in the City of Fairfax to occupy the entire third floor, tripling their size. They lost that lease being but one parking space shy of the requirements. One parking space is a mighty thin margin of success but of course Our Lord is sovereign over parking lots too!

On Tuesday 14 May the City Council met and this topic was on the agenda. At that date the application had just been withdrawn, but the mayor still allowed (though discouragingly) concerned citizens to speak out on this agenda item. The link to that meeting is below. This topic began about 19 minutes in to the meeting and goes for quite a while as some great folks get up and “speak the truth in love”. Maybe you will recognize some of those who came forward.

Watch anytime at your convenience on the internet at the following link:

http://fairfax.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=2 (5/14/13)

Those who organized the community to rise up against this looming atrocity are sponsoring Final Closing Prayers on Saturday, June 29 at 10:00 am at 10400 Eaton Place! Hope to see you there!! There is also a Closing Celebration planned for sometime next month and we will let you know when we have the details worked out.

Celebrate with a certain amount of caution. There are few who will give up their livelihood ‘so easily.’ Please keep up the spiritual battle against this evil. Yet, while maintaining our vigilance, of course we still take this moment to say Thanks be to God!