Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Videos

September 1, 2021 News

Students required to watch these the first week.

(August 2021) FCPS Rights & Responsibilities Videos for Parents and Kids (https://www.fcps.edu/about-fcps/policies-regulations-and-notices/student-rights-and-responsibilities/video-and-resources)

Video for elementary school students

3:23 – right be called by chosen name

4:30 – gender identity mentioned

8:33 – sexual or gender-based harassment. There is a pause in this video where it seems teachers are to “speak” to student about this topic. There is no discussion as indicated.

Video for secondary school students

3:00 – right be called by chosen name and pronoun

3:50 – gender-identity based access to bathrooms, locker rooms, & activities

4:10 – gender identity can be kept private (non-disclosure)

8:04 – sexual and gender-based harassment

These videos introduce gender and push for social normalization of transgender concepts.