April 20, 2020 News

KOVAR is a Virginia Knights of Columbus charity.  It works to provide assistance through grants and home loans to tax exempt organizations.  These organizations give training and assistance to persons with intellectual disabilities.  We need your help through donations to fund this vital charity.  Thank you for your consideration in giving to KOVAR through this Faith Direct Link.

KOVAR collections typically occur in May and this year is different.  The Knights are unable to conduct this chartity event and sill there are many programs they will fund for the upcoming period to include:

                     Home Loans – Interest free loan program to assist in the purchase of group homes

                     Transportation – Funding to assist in purchasing vehicles to transport individuals 

                     Group Home Furnishings – Grants to assist in furnishing group homes

                     Training Programs – Funds to help train individuals with disabilities

                     Special Olympics – KOVAR donates $50,000 each year

To learn more about how Virginia Knights of Columbus helps – watch this video: