Updated Departure Time for March For Marriage

June 12, 2014 News

Latest Update: Posted 1:30 PM June 18, 2014This is an update of the Details for the March for Marriage bus leaving from St. Raymond’s tomorrow.Due to the expected heat, we are delaying our departure to the rally and march. Please arrive at the parish at 10:30 a.m.  We will have some water on the bus, but you may want to also bring your own. Eat a hardy breakfast and bring a lunch. Consider the sun and heat in dressing – light clothing – and bring sun protection (e.g., broad-rimmed hat perhaps). I am actually bringing an umbrella to block the sun.

This is expected to be an exciting event. We now know that Bishop Loverde will be there as will Archbishop Cordileone from San Francisco.

AB Cordileone was recently criticized by the California Lt. Governor, Mayor of San Francisco, Dean of the Sacramento Episcopal Cathedral, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (who resides in the boundaries of his archdiocese when she is at home) for attending the supporting the March for Marriage. Bishop Loverde’s statement in support of the archbishop can be found here. Embedded in the statement you can link to Archbishop Cordileone’s response, which I commend to your reflection is a great meditation for your preparation to attend this march. I will also have copies of it available on the bus for you to read.

Looking forward to seeing you! Could you please respond to this email so I know that you have it. Also, there are a few more seats on the bus if you still have friends who want to attend.


Bob (703) 732-0681 (cell)


On June 19th, we will stand united in our nation’s capital and declare with one voice…

Why Marriage Matters!


As Catholics, we know that marriage is a sacrament through which God blesses the union of a husband and a wife with His grace. It brings men and women together to bless and sanctify one another, serve each other mutually and in live, and become ever more united in love with openness to new life. We know also that marriage is a natural way of being in relationship, based in the natural law, which fosters commitment, trust, fidelity, and cooperation between the sexes for the good of all humanity.

Join St. Raymond’s Parishioners:

Where?      Capitol Grounds, Washington D.C. Bus transportation provided by the parish.

When?           9:30 a.m.   Bus departs from St. Raymonds

11:00 a.m.Rally begins

12:00 p.m.Bring a lunch

1:00 p.m.   March to Supreme Court begins

3:00 p.m.   Bus departs DC for St. Raymonds

3:30 p.m.   Bus arrives at St. Raymonds

Sign up?     Signup in the foyer of the Church or by emailing blaird48@gmail.com.