Altar Rail and Pulpit Pledge Drive

Altar Rail and Pulpit
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Project Details:

Construction of a marble rail with pillars matching the reddish/orangish pillars on the main and high altars and current pulpit. The rail will have small arches between the pillars, reflecting the arches throughout the church. No pews will be removed to make room for the rail, so we will have to slightly reconfigure the steps in the
front of the sanctuary, moving the second step back about 4 or 5 feet.

Installation of communion rails in front of the statues of Mary and Joseph, so that anyone sitting in the side transepts may also receive at the rail. We will also replace the carpeting in front of those statues with marble.

Replacement of our pulpit with one that is slightly smaller but less confining
for the reader, and more firmly constructed. It will however incorporate much of
the current design, so that it will look like the “son of” our current pulpit.