Please join us this Wednesday, November 25th- for our monthly Holy Hour for Life, Marriage and Religious Freedom at 6 pm

November 23, 2015 News

12_08_17_angels_monstranceThe well-being of society requires that life, marriage, and religious liberty are promoted and protected. Serious threats to each of these goods, however, have raised unprecedented challenges to the Church and to the nation.


Additionally, trends in both government and culture are moving toward redefining marriage as the union of any two persons, ignoring marriage’s fundamental meaning and purpose as the universal institution that unites a man and a woman with each other and with the children born from their union. These challenges call for increased awareness and formation, as well as spiritual stamina and fortitude among the faithful, so that we may all be effective and joyful witnesses of faith, hope and charity.


Please join us for an hour beginning at 6 PM this Wednesday, November 25th.