Policy 2603: Gender – Expansive and Transgender Students

  • (April 2022) Regulation 2603.2 – Gender-Expansive and Transgender Students Guidance Document (BoardDocs® Policy: 2603 Gender-Expansive and Transgender Students)
    • (Page 2, G.) “A gender transition often includes a “social transition,” during which an individual begins to live and identify as the gender consistent with the individual’s gender identity, with or without certain medical treatments or procedures.”
    • (Page 2, III.) “Schools shall accept a student or parent’s or guardian’s assertion of a student’s gender expansive or transgender status.”
    • (Page 4, IV.) “School counselors, administrators, or other designated school personnel should work with the student and/or the student’s parents or guardians…” notice the and/or, not a hard “and”
    • (Pages 4-5) Facilities (bathrooms, sleeping arrangements, locker rooms) and activities are accessed based on gender identity

This online document uses lots of “and/or” language that gives the impression parents are involved. Per the more inclusive Regulation 2603 Guidance Document (not this online short summary), you see the real intention that parents can be shut out.

  • (October 2020) Regulation 2603 Guidance Document (no document link available)
    • “Medical treatments or procedures are not considered a prerequisite for identifying students as transgender.” [FCPS:6.9]
    • “…, parental participation is not required.” [FCPS:7.5]
    • “…. Does not require parental permission for students to be called a chosen name/pronoun.” [FCPS:10.1, FCPS:24.1]
    • “…parent permission not required” (for name change) [FCPS:22.2]
    • “If the student’s chosen name has not yet been shared with parents, the legal name will be utilized when staff members engage with the parent/guardian.” [FCPS:14.3]

This document details more implementation plans than the online version and makes it clear parental consent/approval is not required.