Home School Religious Education

Parents are the primary religious educators of their children, especially by the example they set; the family is the Domestic Church and the place where a child first experiences the Catholic faith. Many parents choose to teach their children academics and Religion at home. Home school students in Grades 2, 7 and 8 who will be receiving sacraments at St. Raymond parish must be registered with the Religious Education Office. This is necessary to ensure parents receive important information from the Religious Education Office regarding the Sacrament their child is preparing to receive. Please complete the Registration Form and write “home school” in the area designated for “Class schedule choice.”

Home school students being prepared to receive sacraments are required to take midterm and final exams. Parents are asked to administer the Religious Education program exams to their children or to bring them in to take the test during exam week. These parents may alternatively administer a midterm and final exam using tests from the particular homeschool program they are using and then provide the Religious Education Office with the completed and graded test.

Under special circumstances, a parent who is not home schooling their child in academics, may request to home school for Religious Education. Parents may petition for an exception through the Religious Education Office; ultimately the final decision rests with the pastor.

During a sacramental preparation year, home school students are expected to participate in all other outside of class requirements such as service hours, retreats, etc. and must participate in the Mass attendance requirement through submitting Mass attendance cards – 75% participation is required.