Saint Raymond’s Home School Group

August 19, 2015 News


Who are we?

St. Raymond home school group (HSG) is a cooperating group of about 60 families that are linked together by our love of the Catholic Church and our desire to lead a Catholic homeschooling lifestyle. Most are parishioners of St. Raymonds, but many come from parishes in the surrounding communities. Most of us use a Catholic home school program such as Seton or Mother of Divine Grace, however, the beauty of home schooling is the flexibility that it provides each family – so there are numerous educational options available.

We have a monthly potluck in order to have families get to know each other better and form friendships among the children.  Additionally, we host a monthly teacher support group (TEA) and a bimonthly couples’ night.  Our goal is home school support (in all of the various forms that it may take) and not exactly supplemental classes (of which there are many options in the NoVA area).

Purpose for our Home School Group (HSG)

The purpose of the HSG is to offer fellowship and support for those seeking to home school from a Catholic world view. Homeschooling, although a blessing in terms of strengthening the family and one’s faith, sometimes has the tendency to make adults and children feel isolated. One way to strengthen the home school family is to offer opportunities for fellowship and to develop deep friendships. This can occur by social and academic activities/clubs within the group.

Ways that we aim to meet the purpose:

  • We aim to encourage cooperation among the members through various opportunities that can meet educational and social goals.
  1. Examples include: Book clubs, social clubs, science fairs, field trips, etc.
  2. Companionship for adults (TEAs & couples nights), park play dates, and potlucks which can strengthen the commitment to continue in this vocation.
  3. Impromptu friendships, unstructured free play times, and carpooling opportunities to allow children in a large family to participate in outings benefit all of our children.


  • We offer a HSG website for:
    1. Forum information that pertains to curriculum, home school questions/struggles, parish life, prayer support, and home maintenance issues.
    2. Manage information on HSG website for members’ use (calendar, phone numbers).


  • Mentor younger families.


How to contact us?

Leadership: Katherine Bogacki and Malia Cameron at