Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know: The Divine Surprises and Chastisements That Shaped the Church and Changed the World

September 18, 2012 Book Club

Author: Diane Moczar
Synopsis: Here are the saints and sinners, popes and kings that God used to shape his Church and change the world. You’ll meet Clovis and Charlemagne, Luther and Pope Leo, Suleiman and St. Francis, the Arians, the Franks, the Huguenots, and others whose sins or sacrifices altered the course of history. Here, too, are the wars and plagues, the ideas and institutions — and, yes, the miracles — that gave birth to our Christian civilization and often threatened to doom it.
Rating: 4.75 stars
Quotes: “Very interesting book! Discovered some things I didn’t know; corrected some things I thought I did know! Would recommend it.”
“I am not a student of history but this book was so informative and interesting I could not put it down.”