The Grunt Padre

September 18, 2012 Book Club

Author: Fr. Daniel Mode
Synopsis: This is the story of a hero. Fr. Vincent Capodanno was a Navy Chaplain killed in Vietnam in l967 while protecting a corpsman who was administering first aid to a soldier. Despite his own serious wounds, he refused to leave the battle area but rather stayed to assist his grunts. Arguably the most recognized and respected chaplain in that war, memorials and buildings throughout the world named after him. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor, Bronze Star, and 3 Purple Hearts.
Rating: 4.7 stars
Quotes: “An excellent example of self-sacrificial love. He sanctified men more by suffering with them than by preaching.”
“Truly touched by God. A lovely story of finding what God intends for your life. Holy man of God.”
“It touched my heart. So glad we read it.”