Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

January 26, 2015 Column Father De Celles


Committed Participation in Parish Life. About two months ago I began an Offertory Campaign to increase the level of weekly financial support you give to your parish family. I thank God and all of you for the generous response. Since the new commitment period began on January 1, it’s still too early to give a complete evaluation of the response, but I can say that it seems clear that we have surpassed the unofficial goal I had personally set. I promise to give you a clearer and more concrete assessment in the next month or so.

            But as I emphasized in my homilies, columns and letters about the Offertory Campaign, monetary giving, though essential, is only a part of what an active parishioner should be doing in the parish.            You may recall that right about this time last year I preached and wrote about the importance of taking advantage of opportunities in the parish to help you grow in your life with Christ. I spoke of several key areas: the moral life, the life of charity, the life of prayer, the life of grace, continuing Catholic education, and evangelization. And as a key help to all these I emphasized the importance of making a commitment to volunteering in the parish.

I want to reiterate that call, especially to committed volunteering. The more you get involved in parish life by joining with other parishioners in smaller settings, whether in work or prayer, etc., the more you will find support and opportunities to grow in the moral life, the life of charity, etc…

Many of you do great work serving the Lord in your professions or in volunteering with other organizations. But the parish is different:  it is in many ways our spiritual home, a concrete  intimate manifestation of the whole family of God which is the universal Church. It is a place where we can live in charity, face to face, week in and out, as true brothers and sisters in Christ.

So once again I strongly encourage you to consider contacting one or more of the parish committees/groups and committing to actively participate in their activities.

What follows is a list of parish groups, their leaders, and contact numbers. Please, prayerfully consider where you can serve your parish family.


Oremus pro invicem, Fr. De Celles



Adoration (Diane Spinelli)) 703-451-1779

Adult Education Programs (RCIA, Bible Study) (Bob Ward) 703-644-5873

Altar Servers (Fr. Kenna) 703-440-0535

Altar Society (Nena Brennan) 703-541-5151

American Heritage Girls (Mary Hansen) 703-405-4145

Bake Sales (Kathy Walker) 703-202-5300

Basketball Team (Youth) (CYO) (Ed Gloninger) 703-451-8049

Bereavement Committee (Vacant) 703-440-0535

Book Club (Kathy Campbell) 703-451-5360

Choir (all music for Masses) (Elisabeth Turco) 703-506-4644

Christ House (Maria Sanchez-O’Brien) 571-259-7379

Cursillo (Chuck Tiso) 703-866-1081

Flower Committee (Rosario Méndez) 202-253-9471 or (Julie Mullen) 703-493-9291

Gift Shop (Rena DeRosa) 703-307-9351

Home School Group (Sheri Burns) 703-455-1820; (Tania Slaton) 703-493-8186

Knights of Columbus (John Crennan) 703-451-2115

Landscaping (Vacant) 703-440-0535

Lectors (Philip Bettwy) 703-690-6379

Legion of Mary (Tom Delaney) 703 690-1930

Library (Liz Hildebrand) 703-455-3193

Marriage Preparation (Mary Butler) 703-440-0535

Mother’s Group (Michelle Castry) 703-731-7854

Natural Family Planning (Bob or Geri Laird) 703-339-7261

One Spirit Special Needs Apostolate (Vacant) 703-440-0535

Prayer Group (Elaine Perricone) 703-440-8356

Respect Life Committee (Liz Hildebrand) 703-455-3193

Project Gabriel (Beth Berger) 703-690-3483

Project Rachel (Diane Spinelli) 703-451-1779

Religious Freedom (Bob Laird) 703-339-7261

Religious Education (“CCD”) (Maria Ammirati) 703-440-0537

Samaritans (Laura Haas Connolly)  703-690-6254

St. Martin de Porres Society (Flavia Tommasi) 703-866-4671

Trail Life (Vince Drouillard) 703-992-0490

Ushers (Paul DeRosa) ) 703-307-9351

Wedding Committee (Carol Ann McKim)703-644-4040

Welcome Committee (Mary Butler) 703-440-0535

Women’s Group (Vacant ) 703-440-0535

Youth Apostolate (“Youth Group”) (Jeanne Sause) 703-440-0535