Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Documentation

  • (Online access September 2021) Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia’s Public Schools (Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia Public Schools ( References are Page.Paragraph
    • Children know their innate gender identity as early as age five or six [VDOE:8.4].
    • The child self-diagnoses [VDOE:12.3]
    • To not use chosen names and pronouns is verbal harassment [VDOE:10.1]
    • School evaluates if parents are being abusive by not using the child’s chosen pronouns; calls to child protective services (CPS) possible [VDOE:13.3]
    • “…employee’s intentional and persistent refusal to respect a student’s asserted name and pronoun is considered discriminatory.” [VDOE:12.4].
    • “Regardless of the circumstances, the school should support the student’s need for privacy and not disclose a student’s gender identity to other students or parents.” [VDOE:11.3]
    • “There are no regulations requiring school staff to notify a parent or guardian….” [VDOE:12.1]
    • “Disclosing a student’s transgender status can pose imminent safety risks, such as losing family support or housing.” [VDOE:12.1].
    • “School staff should not confront students about their gender identity upon entry into the restroom.” [VDOE:17.3]

This document states the school can socially transition your child without parental consent and parents can be punished for not being affirming.