Wonder and Think

Wonder and Think

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PREGNANT:  containing a developing embryo, fetus, or unborn offspring within the body: having a child or young developing in the uterus

FETUS:    the young while in the womb or egg : a developing human from usually two months after conception to birth

ABORTION:  the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus


Does abortion really kill a human being?

Yes, abortion really kills a human being.

 How can we know that abortion actually kills a human person?

When a living sperm unites with a living egg a living zygote (new human being) is formed.  There is no time during the development of that zygote – soon to be embryo – soon to be fetus – soon to be newborn – soon to be infant – soon to be toddler – soon to be teen – soon to be adult… when he or she is not alive.  There is no time when the new human being is anything but human.  As abortion ends the pregnancy, it stops the natural development of a human being.  Abortion stops a beating heart and kills a human being.


Life does not start at birth.

~Birth is but an incident in the whole developmental process.~        

 Life starts at conception


It is wrong to kill innocent human beings.

Abortion intentionally kills innocent human beings. 

Therefore abortion is wrong.


Since the unborn are innocent and defenseless human beings,

there is no justification for abortion.

Thou shalt not kill applies.

How can the unborn be human? They don’t even look human.  Looks?! Every one day old zygote and two week old embryo and four month old fetus looks just like every other of the human species at those ages. J  The looks of the unborn are age appropriate for human beings!

 Respect Life

 Why can’t a woman do what she wants with her own body?

Generally speaking we are all free to make choices with our own bodies… what we wear, what we eat, where we dwell, etc.  When what we do with our body infringes on the life or safety of another human being, our rights cease.  It is not ok to harm (kill) an innocent human being for our own declared well-being. The unborn child has his or her own body and unique DNA.  The unborn do not belong to the mother as one of her limbs or organs does.  The unborn are entrusted to their mother for a time in order to develop to the stage of birth.


As Mother Teresa said,

 “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”


What about rape? 

Rape is a violent crime that sometimes results in the victim becoming pregnant.  Is there another crime in which the death penalty is imposed on the innocent victim instead of punishing the criminal?  Why then would it be licit to support or encourage the death of the child conceived by rape?  Abortion does not remove the rape nor alleviate the pain from rape for the woman.  It is a further violation of the woman making her the mother of a dead child. Our dignity and worth come from the fact that we are created in the image and likeness of God.  It does not come from the circumstances of our conception.


What about the life of the mother?

To be pro-life does not mean being pro-life just about babies.  It also means being pro-life about women, who are just as valuable as babies. “Today it is possible for almost any patient to be brought through pregnancy alive,… And if so, abortion would be unlikely to prolong much less save, life.  Dr. Alan Guttmacher, past President of Planned Parenthood

To both mother and child and every human being we echo God’s  eternal message::

“You are precious in My sight, and honored and I love you.” Isaiah 43:4