Third Sunday Of Lent

  CARDINAL BURKE TALK THIS FRIDAY. We live in times when it can be very difficult to practice our Catholic Faith with integrity and devotion. Sometimes it seems that we are being assaulted on all sides—from the culture, government, family, friends, and even from our fellow Catholics, even from high ranking officials in the Church. That is one of the main reasons, I am so excited to have Cardinal Raymond Burke give a talk to us this Friday evening, March 24, 2017, at 7pm in the church. His topic will be: “Saint Raymond of Peñafort: The Inseparable Bond between Doctrine … Continue reading

Second Sunday Of Lent

Prayer in Lent: Stations of the Cross. One of the three principle forms of Lenten penance is prayer (the others being almsgiving and sacrifice). So I encourage all of you to “pray more” during Lent, either adding some extra prayer(s) to your daily and/or weekly routine, or praying the prayers you already pray with more attention, devotion and time. One excellent form of prayer during Lent is the Stations of the Cross (or Via Dolorosa, Via Crucis, Way of Sorrows, Way of the Cross), which can be prayed at home, but is most beneficially prayed in a place where “Stations” … Continue reading

TEXT: 1st Sunday of Lent, March 5, 2017

1st  Sunday of Lent February 26, 2017 Homily by Fr. John De Celles St. Raymond of Peñafort Catholic Church Springfield, VA   This week we began 40 days and nights of Lent, in imitation of Christ who, as we read in today’s Gospel, began his road to the cross by going out into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. But why did Jesus do this in the first place—why did he go out into the desert? It may surprise us to find that Scripture tells us: “Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted … Continue reading

First Sunday Of Lent

LENT. Fundamental to a fruitful observance of Lent is the reception of the Sacrament of Penance (also called “Confession” or “Reconciliation”). Last year I published a small pamphlet called “Making a Good Confession: A Brief Examination of Conscience and Guide to Going to Confession.” Copies of this purple pamphlet can be found by all the doors of the church and near the confessionals. I hope you will find it helpful in preparing for and making a good confession. But what is the Sacrament of Penance itself all about? What follows are some short excerpts from the “CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC … Continue reading

TEXT: 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time, February 26, 2017

8th  Sunday in Ordinary Time February 26, 2017 Homily by Fr. John De Celles St. Raymond of Peñafort Catholic Church Springfield, VA     You know, I don’t really like talking about money, especially asking for money,        especially from the pulpit.   I suppose there are several reasons for that: –first, I’m a priest not salesman; –and it’s difficult: I’m trying to get you to give away something you’ve worked hard for. But mainly, I’m reluctant because there’s always, hanging in the back of my mind, the words of Jesus that we read today: “You cannot serve [both] God … Continue reading

TEXT: 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time, February 19, 2017

7th  Sunday in Ordinary Time February 19, 2017 Homily by Fr. John De Celles St. Raymond of Peñafort Catholic Church Springfield, VA     In today’s Gospel Jesus makes one of the most radically challenging demands in Scripture: ” I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.” If we’re honest with ourselves, this passage should be very intimidating.   It’s intimidating, first of all,  because it seems oxymoronic to say “love your enemies.” Plus, it seems an impossible task, because sometimes it seems we’re surrounded by enemies who really don’t care if we love … Continue reading

TEXT: 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time, February 12, 2017

6th  Sunday in Ordinary Time February 12, 2017 Homily by Fr. John De Celles St. Raymond of Peñafort Catholic Church Springfield, VA   Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, a day when the world celebrates lovers. So let’s talk about love today. But not “love” the way the world thinks of it, but love the way it truly is: love the way God thinks of it.   In today’s Gospel we find Jesus continuing the same Sermon on the Mount that we’ve been reading for the last 2 Sundays. Today Jesus is talking specifically about the commandments. Now, many people view the … Continue reading