City of Fairfax Redefines Abortion Clinics as “Medical Care Facilities” for Zoning

July 20, 2013 News

The City of Fairfax has recently amended their zoning regulations in such a way as to redefine abortion clinics as “medical care facilities” instead of regular business offices. This is a huge help to safeguard women’s health and preclude those who provide abortion from opening without required medical standards. It also precludes them from opening in residential neighborhoods.

You can watch the city council meetings at the following link: Just click on 2013 General Meetings… then July 9. The May 14 meetings was also pertinent to this issue with some tremendous local citizens speaking out for life.

Here are some quotes from the zoning amendment passed on 9 July:

“Clinics are regulated as a type of office and are permitted by-right in all commercial districts,” zoning administrator Michelle Coleman wrote. In the new ordinance, “clinics were removed from the definition of an office use and now fall within the medical care facility definition. That change was made because of similarity in land use characteristics between clinics and the other uses within the new category.”

Here is the definition Fairfax City approved Tuesday (9 July):

“Medical Care Facility means any hospital, urgent care facility, surgical center, or similar use. Medical Care Facilities shall not include a physician’s or dentist’s office.”


This fight is not over! Please write to the following Fairfax City Councilmen and register your support of the new zoning changes that just passed. They are under heavy attack by the pro-aborts (over 1,000 have already contacted the City Council). It is crucial that you send out ASAP! A sample letter is below and only takes a few minutes.

SEND TO THESE CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS: These are ones who supported the changes, the Mayor did not vote but he did support them.


Honorable Scott Silverthorne email: Phone: 703-385-7850

City Council Members

Honorable Michael J. DeMarco Phone: 703-385-7850

Honorable Daniel F. Drummond

Honorable Jeffrey C. Greenfield

Honorable Steven C. Stombres

If you prefer to send a ‘regular’ letter, mail it to the Councilmen at:
Fairfax City Hall
10455 Armstrong St.
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

Thanks if you have already done so.

Liz Hildebrand, Coordinator, St. Raymond’s Respect Life Committee


Dear Honorable ___________,

Thank-you for sponsoring the changes to the zoning ordinance pertaining to clinics, hospitals, medical or dental offices and related uses. I believe these are prudent and common sense changes and allow the adjacent communities and the Fairfax City Council to weigh in on the impacts of a new medical center before opening up in their neighborhood as certain medical facilities can have a negative impact to the health, safety, and general welfare of the community.

Thank-you once again!



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