January 11, 2021 News Respect Life




Washington, D.C. | January 29, 2021

While January 2021 holds many mysteries, we are going to plan as usual for our parish participation in the March for Life.  If we have to adjust/pivot later, we will.

Father De Celles will offer Mass at 10:30.​We will leave immediately afterward.

For old timers who may be expecting donuts in the parish hall.  Sorry.  There will not be a gathering in the parish hall prior to departure. Depending on the weather, we will pivot this activity to the parking lot.

For those who have greater concerns about social distancing, mask wearing, etc, The Blue and Yellow Buses will allow for greater social distancing and more stringent mask wearing.  Sign ups for those buses are here.

Reservations for a seat on either the Red or Green bus are here in the narthex. Those who for whatever reason are unable to wear a mask would be welcome on either of these two buses.The expectation would be the courtesy of social distancing as much as is practicable.  Masks optional.

Thanks to the generosity and can-do attitude of the Chili Dinner Coordinator, this wonderful event is pivoting to the first (hopefully not annual) 

Saint Raymond’s Post March for Life Carry Out Chili Dinner!

Offers to help welcomed by signing up here Sheri Burns burnsfamily92@gmail.com.

Please PRINT clearly on the bus forms so that you can be contacted about any last-minute modifications that may be necessary. 

“In a world marked by division, unrest, and fear, 

the pro-life movement brings together people from all walks of life, 

each with their own unique mission to promote 

the inherent dignity of the human person.”

Jeanne Mancini, President of March for Life

Questions?  Feel free to email Liz at hildebrandeven@gmail.com