Calling Saint Raymonds Volunteers!

July 10, 2016 News

St. Raymond’s Hosts “Hamburger Night” at Christ House in Alexandria, VA!
 Do you want to help make a special dinner for the guests who visit Christ House?
CALLING All St. Raymond’s Parishioners who Love to Cook/Bake!
Sign-up:  TODAY!  Call the Project Coordinator, Maria Sanchez-O’Brien at 571-259-7379 (c) to help our Parish Host this month’s Dinner Event and serve Jesus in those who are Hungry
Service Date:  Dinner on Friday, July 29th, 5-6:30 pm
Where:  Christ House in Alexandria (so far, FOUR (4) folks have signed up; we can take two High School volunteers!)
Food Delivery Days:  Thursday, July 28th, 6:20 am to 7:30 pm AND Friday, July 29th, 6:20 am to 1 pm
Where:  St. Raymond’s Kitchen Window (LOOK for the Christ House Drop-Off Sign and coolers AND kitchen cart)
1) We have met our GOAL of 120 burgers!  THANK YOU!!!
2) NEED! Coleslaw—NEED 80-120 servings, so why not double up and make 24 servings! (I add red cabbage to add more color to the slaw!)
3) NEED! Oven Fried Potatoes—NEED 80-120 servings OR BRING a BAG(s) POTATOES to church parish hall! (I use dried herbs of oregano & thyme & fresh pressed garlic & skipped the onions!)
4) We have met our goal for 120 Chocolate Chip cookies!!! THANK YOU!!!
5) NEED! 10 to 15 pkgs Corn-on-the Cob—Purchase fresh OR frozen; COSTCO has 8 cobs for $4.99 
6) NEED! 10 of the LARGEST Watermelons you can find
7) Bubbies Pickles—We have met our GOAL!  THANK YOU!!!
8) Mayonnaise—We have met our GOAL!  THANK YOU!!!
9) KetchupWe have met our GOAL!  THANK YOU!!!
10) MustardWe have met our GOAL!  THANK YOU!!!
11) NEED! Romaine Lettuce (Five (5) packages of three heads in each)
12) NEED! Tomatoes (12-15 large, garden tomatoes)
13) NEED! Hamburger Buns (Need enough for 60 to have seconds, therefore, NEED 120)—15 pkgs of 8 buns/pkg
14) NEED! Assorted Slices of Cheese—NEED 120 slices!
15) NEED Bananas—Need 60!  So around 12 bunches of 5 bananas/bunch!
16) NEED Apples—Need 60!  Anybody got Apples on Sale?  Do tell.