Christ House Committee Hosting Dinner September 30th

September 11, 2016 News


SAVE THE DATES for our parish’s next two dinners at Christ House:

1) “Hot Dog Night” on Friday, September 30, 2016.

2) “Enchilada Night” on Friday, December 30, 2016.
Volunteer Requirements:

1) Adults who want to volunteer on this parish project to PREP and SERVE food at the Christ House Kitchen and Dining Room, need to:

a) SIGN UP to become a compliant adult volunteer with the Diocese of Arlington and meet the requirements of the Arlington Diocese Office of Child Protection.

So IF you are a first-time volunteer in our Diocese please contact St. Raymond’s Parish Liaison Patti Eckels at 703-440- 0537 or via e-mail at
2) High School Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors (ages 15 or older) who want to sign up on this parish project with parental/guardian consent, need to:

a) SIGN UP with parental/guardian assistance by filling out the Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington Form located on page 1 at the end of this Christ House tab.

b) A parent/guardian must also talk with the Parish Project Coordinator, Mrs. Maria Sanchez-O’Brien (571-259-7379) to:

i. coordinate drop-off and pick-up times for your son/daughter at St. Raymond’s parish hall on a 5th Friday,

ii. to accompany your teen at DROP OFF time at the parish hall (parents are ALWAYS welcome to sign up AND join us)

iii. have your teen meet me and submit his/her completed Form.

3) Children, ages 12 to 14, may also volunteer on this parish project so long as their Parent/Guardian accompanies their child during their service.

a) Parents may fill out the Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington Legal Guardian Consent Form (for minor volunteers at Christ House) located at the end of the Christ House tab.
St. Raymond’s Hosts “Hot Dog Night” at Christ House in Alexandria, VA!

St. Raymond’s Hosts “Chili Dog Night” at Christ House in Alexandria, VA!

Do you want to help our parish host a special dinner for the guests who visit Christ House and serve Jesus in those who are Hungry?

CALLing All St. Raymond’s Parishioners who Love to Cook and/or Bake!

Sign-up: TODAY! Call the Project Coordinator, Maria Sanchez-O’Brien at 571-259-7379 (c) to help out with this month’s Dinner Event

Service Date: Dinner on Friday, September 30th, 5-6:30 pm

Where: Christ House in Alexandria is located at 131 S. West St. Alexandria, VA (703-539-8644)

Food Delivery Days: Thursday, September 29th, 6:20 am to 7:30 pm AND Friday, September 30th, 6:20 am to 1 pm

Where: St. Raymond’s Kitchen Window (LOOK for the Christ House Drop-Off Sign and coolers AND kitchen cart)

Volunteer Status: Two (2) folks have signed up; we need 2-4 more; we can take two/three High School volunteers!

Entrees and Sides (for 120 servings):

1) NEED! Your Favorite package(s) of Hot Dogs which we will Grill at Christ House

2) NEED! Coleslaw—why not double up and make 24 servings! (I add red cabbage to add more color to the slaw!)

3) NEED! Oven Fried Potatoes—Bake your own OR BRING us a bag(s) of POTATOES to church drop-off!


b) (I use dried herbs of oregano & thyme OR Herbs de Provence!)

4) NEED! 120 Chocolate Chip Cookies—Goal is to have two (2) cookies per person

5) NEED! Chili for Chili Dogs—NEED enough for 60 servings

Chili Dogs!

6) NEED! Watermelon—10 of the LARGEST you can find

7) NEED! Your Favorite Relish—6 jars

8) NEED! Mayonnaise—6 bottles

9) NEED! Ketchup—6 bottles

10) NEED! Mustard—6 bottles

11) NEED! Romaine Lettuce (five (5) packages of three heads in each)

12) NEED! Tomatoes (12-15 large, garden tomatoes) for a Green Garden Salad

13) NEED! Ranch Dressing (6 recipes) (NOTE: I add 1/2 cup buttermilk to 1 cup sour cream AND use fresh chopped parsley and Yellow OR Dijon OR German mustard AND blend in the Nutri Bullet OR Blender)

FYI: A healthy, homemade ranch dressing, made from real cream. You think there’s any vitamins in soybean oil? Uh, no. Not like real cream and olive oil — full of vitamins.
When making this recipe, don’t be tempted to use store bought mayonnaise. You should use homemade mayonnaise made from real olive oil. Soybean oil is not good for you, nor is canola oil. Make your mayo (click the link for my recipe) ahead of time, and you can make this dressing in minutes. It’s totally fine to use store bought sour cream.

14) NEED! Hot Dog Buns (enough for 60 to have seconds, therefore, NEED 120 Total)—15 pkgs of 8 buns/pkg=120

15) NEED! Shredded Cheese—How about 5 bags of Trader Joe’s Mexican Shredded Cheese?
FRUIT “To Go” (Dinner Guests enjoy these for a dessert or Breakfast treat):

16) Bananas—NEED! 60! So around 12 bunches of 5 bananas/bunch!

17) Apples—NEED! 60! Anybody got Apples on Sale? Do tell.

18) Clementines—NEED! 60!

A.M.D.G.: As. St. Ignatius of Loyola would teach, “Ad majorem Dei gloriam,” To God be all the glory!

“In so far as you did this for one of my least brothers, you did it for me.” Mt. 25:40