Life Runners

August 3, 2013 News

Life Runners will finally be starting a chapter in the DC area ( First training event is at St Michael’s in Annandale, 7 a.m. Saturday morning, August 10th. The mission of Life Runners is to pray, fundraise, and run as a Team … All In Christ for Pro-Life! Please come join us as we kick off our running group. Below are additional details from Jeff Grabosky, leader of the DC Life Runners chapter.

While it only takes five people to start a chapter, I am ecstatic that we have well over 50 people signed up in the DC area already! As Life Runners, our mission is to pray, fundraise, and run as a Team … All In Christ for Pro-Life! Our vision is to pray and run as a team until we cross the finish line that ends abortion. Our values are to keep the faith, respect life from conception to natural death, and run so as to win.

My name is Jeffrey Grabosky and I am the DC chapter leader. I certainly hope the chapter expands and we can eventually break into even more groups throughout the DC metro area. At the moment, we are just getting started, so I consider myself so blessed to be involved with you all at the start of our chapter! I’ve been involved with the Life Runners since 2011 and I am so incredibly excited to be getting this area up and running, along with my wife Mary, and my new friend and fellow Life Runner Steven Rossi.

As a group, the Life Runners have a few main events we do each year. We have a 5K in our DC backyard, which is scheduled for January 22nd at the March for Life in East Potomac Park. We also put on a relay that goes all across the country and goes directly through our area. Finally, we have a group marathon / half-marathon each year in the Fall. This year we will be in South Dakota for the Crazy Horse races, and after Air Force and Long Beach, we’ll be at Marine Corps in 2015! Much more information about our organization, fundraising, and events can be found at the website

Our First Event!

As a chapter, we try to have some type of event about once a month. The first thing to do if you have not already done so is to order a Life Runners shirt online so you can rock it out for events and races!

Our first DC event will be an adoration and training run! We will get it underway early in the morning to avoid the very hot temperatures and to hopefully avoid other obligations people may have that day. It will be held on Saturday morning, August 10th. We’ll meet at St. Michael’s Parish at 7401 St Michael Lane in Annandale, VA. There is perpetual adoration that you are welcome to spend time in before the run. While I will probably show up with my wife around 6:45am, feel free to show up whenever you like and we will officially meet at the Mary statue outside the Church’s entrance at 7:15am. After talking for just a few minutes about the Life Runners, we will set out on a group training run of no more than an hour (We have a route planned out we will send out before the event). We will then close in prayer back at the Church.

Keep your eyes open for the next event, where we will be gathering together as Life Runners at a local race. For now, what I ask is that you email me back to let me know if you think you will be able to make it or not. Also, please feel free to share this with your friends and family. If you have moved or no longer wish to receive these updates, please let me know as well. I can be reached at Steven Rossi, who is helping to get this chapter going as well, can be reached at Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!