Schools in Transition Document

September 1, 2021 News

  • (Current) Schools in Transition Document (gender-spectrum/7c4c63b2-52f2-4cb0-a48f-dd049bf6962c_schools-in-transition-2015-min.pdf (
    • (Page 4) Schools should foster an environment that celebrates gender diversity
    • (Page 4) “… gender diversity is a more effective and lasting strategy than trying to ‘solve’ the concerns associated with an individual transgender student”
    • (Page 14, last paragraph) Parents can be explicitly left out of the process
    • (Page 6, top) A student’s age and maturity—or that of their peers—should never be a basis for denying a transgender student an opportunity to transition.”
    • (Page 24, bottom) “no reason to doubt the sincerity of a student who asserts transgender identity…”
    • (Page 28) “Concerns regarding competitive advantage are unfounded and often grounded in sex stereotypes about the differences and abilities of males versus females”
    • (page 32, bottom) “…it is important to educate the student’s family members about the serious consequences of refusing to affirm their child’s gender identity.”
    • (Page 34) “School officials interact with the student on a daily basis and focus on supporting the student’s growth and development, which gives school personnel unique insight into the student’s needs without the biases parents can or are perceived to have.”
    • (Page 51) Supports gender transition plans (Appendix D). The enclosed plan has a box for parents not being involved.

This document says parents/families can face serious consequences for not affirming their child’s self diagnosis.