Update 3/13/20

St. Raymond of Penafort
Coronavirus Directive from Fr. De Celles 
Dear Parishioners,
All of us are concerned about the Coronavirus/COVID-19. So, first of all, trust in Jesus and pray. Know that I am praying for all of you.
But as a precaution against the spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19, and to set a good practical example….
Effective immediately and until further notice:
We are cancelling ALL non-liturgical, non-sacramental and non-“prayer” activities/events at St. Raymond of Penafort.
To clarify, these canceled events include but are not limited to:
CCD classes (until April 12th)
•Any gatherings or meetings in the parish meeting rooms (hall, classrooms, library, Maurer Room, etc.)
•Lenten Soup Suppers
•Bible Study
•RCIA Classes
•Knights of Columbus meetings
•St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
•Youth Apostolate meetings and activities (including Sons of Thunder, Bake Sales)
•Trail Life activities (except for the distribution/spreading of mulch)
•American Heritage Girls
•Homeschool classes and meetings
•Book Club
•Mom’s Group
•Christ House
•All field trips or off-site activities, including the Confirmation Retreat
•The Library is closed
•The Gift Shop is closed
NOT cancelled events include:
•Allliturgical, sacramental and “prayer” activities/events (we need to pray!)
•Stations of the Cross
•Thursday Evening “Lenten Series” and Holy Hour
•Small prayer groups (Legion of Mary, Men’s Prayer Group, Family of Jesus Prayer Group, Luminaries of Holy Mary, etc., may meet if they chose to)
•All Holy Week Liturgies
If there are any questions about any event(s), please feel free to contact the office for more information.

If anyone is in need of the Sacrament of the Sick (“Anointing”), please do not hesitate to call the office.

Tomorrow we will send out a spiritual plan for asking God to deliver us from the virus.

God bless you all. Fr. John De Celles

Regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Effective March 11, 2020

The Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of Arlington, has issued directives that all parishioners should be aware of.

His Excellency has directed (mandated) that all parishes, high school and campus ministries to take the following measures:

Suspend the use of a common chalice during Holy Communion
Provide hand sanitizer at church entrances (if available)
Omit or suspend shaking of hands during the Sign of Peace
Remove Holy Water fonts
All liturgical vessels should be cleaned with soap and water after each Mass, including any pix that will be taken to a nursing home, hospital, etc.
Additional cleaning procedures should be implemented at the local level.
The Bishop also requests that Pastors/Chaplains to instruct parishioners who are showing common symptoms of illness (fever, cough, body aches) to avoid coming to Mass or any parish activity until 24 hours after symptoms abate.
Until further notice, Bishop Burbidge has granted dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation for those segments of the community who are most vulnerable to the effects of coronavirus (those 60 years old or older, those with chronic illness, and those with immune system deficiencies), as well as those who provide for the care of a person with such a condition. Those who are exempted should check with their parish or the diocesan website regularly for updates.

Those who refrain from attending Mass due to illness should, if possible, devote time to prayer, observe Mass on television or the internet, and/or pray a Rosary. While nothing can replace attending and participating in Sunday Mass or receiving Holy Communion, those who refrain from Sunday Mass due to illness have not committed a mortal sin. When sick, observing the Sabbath with another holy devotion and prayer demonstrates good will and sincerity.