Volunteer Opportunity!!!

December 15, 2016 News


Calling ALL Friends of St. Raymond’s Christ House Committee

and fellow parishioners and friends of parishioners!

Do you want to help our parish prepare a special dinner for guests

who visit Christ House and serve Jesus in those who are hungry?

SAVE THE DATE  for our parish’s next dinner at Christ House:

“Christmas Dinner” on Friday, December 30, 2016

~ Menu ~

  • Shepherd’s Pie (NEED a few more Pans)
  • Christmas Garden Salad (NEED a few more Salads)
  • Dinner Rolls (NEED 120)
  • Apple Pie (Thank you, friends!)
  •  Bananas and Clementines (Thank you!)
  • Homemade Christmas Cookies (NEED 12 dozen)
  • Herbal Tea (NEED an assortment of boxes)
  • Lipton/Green Tea Bags (NEED a box or 2)
  • Hot Cocoa (Thank you!)
  • Apple Cider (NEED 5 Gallons)
  • Christmas Flowers (NEED 3 more bouquets)

Christmas Gifts for Christ House Guests

 (Drop Off ROSARIES in Gift Shop AND Toiletry Kits & Cards NEAR Gift Shop OR BY Parish Library)

  • Rosaries (Bring one from home OR purchase in Gift Shop)
  •    Toiletry Kits(Make your own ~ see list below)
  •    Christmas Cards (one card per Toiletries Kit) *

* Please SIGN Christmas Cards as follows:

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

on behalf of St. Raymond of Peñafort Parish


A Blessed Advent as we prepare

the Way for The Lord!

To God be all the GLORY!


“Do whatever He tells you.”  Jn 2:5

To make the Toiletry Kits, please place items in Food Storage Bags

Toiletries Kits for Men Toiletries Kits for Women

Travel Size Only Travel Size Only

Toothpaste Toothpaste

Deodorant Deodorant

Shampoo Shampoo

* Conditioner * Conditioner

Body Lotion Body Lotion

* Soap Bars * Soap Bars

Shave Cream Shave Cream

Nail Clippers Nail Clippers

Hair Comb(s) Emery Boards

Hair Brush Hair Brush

       Feminine Products (Daily Liners & Pads)

Disposable Items Disposable Items

Toothbrushes Toothbrushes

* Razors * Razors