Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Gender” Wars. A lot of news this week on the continuing assault against women and children, liberty and common sense by “gender” ideologues.   August 17 Meeting. A huge crowd of 270, mostly concerned parents, attended the hastily called meeting on Wednesday the 17th, at which attorney Mary McAlister of “Liberty Counsel” spoke about the rights of parents to resist the Fairfax County Public School Board’s efforts to impose its abusive transgender policy on our children. I was amazed because we only scheduled the meeting one week before and struggled to get the word out. The large attendance was particularly … Continue reading

Twenty First Sunday In Ordinary Time

Summer Continues, for a while. Summer is a very interesting time for me. Besides the regular day-to-day work of the parish, the first month I spend a lot of time finishing up the work from the last school year, the second I do a lot of planning for the coming year, and the last month I spend a lot of time working on finalizing details for the coming year. This year we also had the added busyness of a change in parochial vicars. So it’s pretty busy. But then there’s the other side of things: there’s a sharp decline in … Continue reading

Meeting this Wednesday: Legal Rights of Parents and the Transgender Policy in Fairfax County Public Schools

FCPS Public School Parents: What are your rights on the transgender issue?    Mary E. McAlister, Esq. Senior Litigation Counsel Liberty Counsel *    * Did the FCPS School Board have the legal authority to add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the non-discrimination policy and the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R) document?  * Do parents’ and students’ have a right to disagree?  * What can happen if you and your students choose not sign the SR&R?  Learn how you can legally object to the Fairfax Public School’s addition of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the non-discrimination policy and … Continue reading

Bake Sale Group Lead Vacancy

Our Bake Sale Group is in need of a leader.  Bake sales are held one weekend monthly after all Masses.  If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact the parish office (703-440-0535) for more information.

Twentieth Sunday In Ordinary Time

“What I Did on My Summer Vacation.” I was surprised and gratified by so many of you who warmly greeted me after I returned from vacation last week, even though I’d only been gone for 8 days. It’s nice to be missed. As for my vacation, I have to say I had a wonderful time on my trip to Alaska. Although I usually prefer warm or even hot weather, the 65˚ highs of Anchorage were a welcome respite from the 99˚ weather here. But more than that I had a great and relaxing time visiting friends and seeing the great … Continue reading

Samaritan Group Is Looking For Volunteers!

This group lends a hand to families in times of crisis by cooking dinners and running errands.  If you are able to help out please join our dedicated team.  If you are interested, please contact Sloane Bailey by email at or call during working hours at 703 692 5688 or leave a message at 703-966-8170.